AscenTrust, LLC. provides Business Planning, Project Design, Project Engineering, Project Management and Construction Management ONLY for the projects which the Founder and Principal Engineer has a hand in Funding.


The Senior Engineer has more than thirty years of experience in the world of PRIVATE PLACEMENT, and therefore has access to private sources of funding for non-bankable project.

The strategic partners of AscenTrust, LLC. form a network of professional with hundreds of man years of experience in providing information to start-ups and growing small businesses. In addition to providing business planning, our stakeholders are part of several project financing group, providing comprehensive services and project funding solutions for complex projects. Our goal is to provide access to experts in business financing and the most advanced financing solutions, sourcing unique funding alternatives through capital markets and major banks.


Over 30 years of Project Design Experience in diverse industries and multi-million dollar projects including, but not limited to:


The Project Management team comes from a high level Research and Development Background and has had remarkable success in diverse areas of construction. Not afraid to take on big challenges. Good grasp of technology and quickly able to extend existing technologies.

HIGHLY CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE: Our Research and Development team is always looking for ways to improve the technologies with which we are working. Our Development team looks for practical solutions to problems. Although we tend to look at the big picture, our operational staff understands that the devil is in the detail and our experience has taught us to pay close attention to the details and refrain from kicking the problem down the road.

4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Over 30 years of Project Management Experience in diverse industries and multi-million dollar projects including, but not limited to:

The Construction Management Association of America says the 120 most common responsibilities of a Construction Manager fall into the following 7 categories: Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, Safety Management, and CM Professional Practice. The Company’s professional practice includes specific activities such as: